Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cite Soleil, Haiti: First day on the project

Big election results yesterday meant that we were confined to the Palm Inn Hotel. The worry was that Sweet Mickey might not get elected and then things would be a little tense. Turns out he was elected and things were all good. We went to the project site today and got started about midday. We have three houses to replace the tin roofs, two houses to pour a floor for and two houses to construct for two families. Tim Kasten looked after one group while our Team Leader Richard looked after the other group. Lots of work was completed under, at times, some trying situations. Materials were purchased and arrived at the end of the day so a race was on to empty the truck of cement, bricks and rebar. Task was completed. We had been told of the problems we might encounter and in fact at the end of the day Tammy grabbed Tony Dufficy (a certified trainer of first aid) and took him to the clinic to assist her to deal with a gun shot wound to the foot of one of the locals. Today he said has been one of the highlights of his travels with Developing World Connections (he just returned from leading a team to Tanzania where he climbed mount Kilimanjaro).

On the way home the crew actually stopped off at a Texco Service Station and had a well earned beer with the locals.

DWC Haiti Team

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