Monday, November 19, 2012

November 10th: Safe arrival in Haiti

We arrived safely after a long night at the Miami airport. We spent the first week in Deslandes and got to work on the second building stucco coat.
It is very hot and we did get some late afternoon rain for a couple of days and then a huge downpour Thursday evening which made the walk out quite muddy.
The food has been great and we have had a lot of adventures including getting the vehicle stuck in the middle of the river and breaking down a couple of times, etc.

We are now back in Verrettes and will be doing work on the property there using the materials we bought today in St. Marc.
Everyone is getting along great and having a good time - all be it with the frustrations of things taking forever to work out with the locals.

Richard Srepel
DWC Team Leader
Haiti, November 2012

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